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Budgeting Tips for Bathroom Remodeling Projects

When it comes to remodeling any aspect of your home or business, budgeting is a must. Well, for most of us anyway. That said, kitchen and bathroom remodeling can be two of the most expensive undertakings that provide the greatest returns.

With the real estate market at an all-time high, sellers are looking for ways to increase their return – and quickly. So, let’s talk bathrooms. Generally a smaller area than a kitchen, this type of remodel (granted there are no surprises) is quick, efficient, and increases the value of your home. However, bathroom remodeling can be budget-friendly or quite luxurious. The choice is truly yours.

Either way, our team from Pro Plus Services is giving you the 101 on remodeling budgeting.


Plan ahead.



Every successful journey starts with a plan. Home remodels are no exception. An excellent place to start is by putting your vision on paper. What do you dislike about the current bathroom? What elements require an upgrade? Do you plan to redesign the layout or stick with the current floorplan? Every detail matters.

If you’re looking to redesign the space, you will want to plan on spending more. Often, pipes and electrical need to be redirected and brought up to code. However, if you’re sticking with the current layout and upgrading the aesthetics, your remodel may be less expensive. It depends on the changes you intend to implement.



Consider your options.


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Once your plan is created, it’s time to consider the options. You know what you want to accomplish, but knowing how much you have to spend is imperative. Sticking to a budget allows you to have the bathroom you envision without breaking the bank. Thus, it’s time to consider your options.

For example, let us assume we’re working with the current layout but upgrading the look and functionality. One of the most common changes is the shower/tub combo. Often, homes have the standard one-piece drop-in element. While this is entirely functional, the new tread in upgrades is a tub with tiled or stone walls. If budget allows, you have several aspects to consider here; the tub (jetted or not), the walls (tiles, stone, tiled stone), the showerhead and faucet, and so on. Each detail adds up. Once you have the total, you can make necessary adjustments to ensure your bathroom as a whole project stays on budget.


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Talk to a trusted team of bathroom remodeling professionals.


While our team always applauds DIY, sometimes, it’s better to leave the remodeling to the experts. Bathrooms are one of those remodels. Once floors are lifted and elements removed, you never know what you’re going to find. Thus, having a trusted team of experts can eliminate the stress. Furthermore, when you have a team by your side that you rely upon, you also have the expertise needed to make the right choices.



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At Pro Plus Services, our team takes pride in providing superior bathroom remodeling for residential and commercial customers. Working with you, our professionals ensure complete transparency to eliminate costly surprises along the way.


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