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MA Handyman Talks Restoring Old Decks: Staining and Refinishing

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When it comes to maintaining and reviving an old and worn-out deck, it can be a challenging task to take on all by yourself. This is especially true if you need more skills, time, or equipment. That’s why this month at Pro Plus Services, your local MA handyman is giving you three reasons why you’ll want to hire a professional to bring your deck back to life this summer!


Access to Specialized Tools and Equipment

Staining and refinishing a deck often require specialized tools and equipment that may not be readily available to homeowners. Professionals are equipped with the right tools like pressure washers, sanders, sprayers, and brushes to prepare the deck’s surface for staining. They also have access to high-quality stains and sealants that offer extra protection and longevity. This is particularly helpful if you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to refinishing your deck, as they have all the tools ready to get the job done.


Time and Cost Efficiency

Restoring an old deck can be a time-consuming project, especially if you have limited experience or a busy schedule. When you hire professionals, you’ll be able to save valuable time and energy. It will also save you extra time if you were to potentially make mistakes that you have to backtrack and fix yourself.

The team you hire will be able to use their expertise and specialized tools to get the job done on time. They can even help you choose the most cost-effective solutions, recommend materials, and help avoid unnecessary expenses. So you can sit back and relax on your days off knowing your deck will be treated with the utmost care!


Expert Stain Selection and Application

Choosing the right stain for your deck is crucial to achieve your desired aesthetics and the proper protection. Contractors have in-depth knowledge of various stain options, such as transparent, semi-transparent, and solid stains. They’ll be able to guide you in selecting the best stain for your deck. This also means other important factors will be considered like wood type, sun exposure, and your desired finish. With a professional’s expertise, they’ll apply the stain evenly and ensure you have a long-lasting result with optimal coverage!


Pro Plus Services | MA Handyman

With the expertise of contractors like Pro Plus Services, you can rest assured that your projects will get done with quality and care all while yielding beautiful results! If you’re in need of refinishing or staining services for your deck this summer season, we encourage you to reach out to our team at Pro Plus Services or visit our website for more information today. In the meantime, we look forward to hearing from you!


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