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3 Tips for Planning a Deck Installation

deck installation


The weather is finally warming up, and we’re starting to think about outdoor living. One of our favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors in the spring and summer and into the fall is on a beautiful deck. If you’ve been thinking about adding a deck to your house or redoing the one you have, give Pro Plus Services a call. We’re experts in deck installation and can design and build the perfect deck for your home.

Having a deck installed is a significant project, even if it is one of the less obtrusive home improvements. To ensure it goes smoothly from start to finish, here are some tips to help you plan your deck installation.


Think about the space.

If you are rebuilding a deck you already have, it’s easy to visualize how much space a new deck will take up. Even if you want to change the footprint of your existing deck, you have a frame of reference. You don’t have to guess how far it will extend into your yard. If your house does not have a deck, it can be difficult to translate measurements to actual space in your yard. When designing your deck, it’s helpful to mark the edges of where it will go with wooden stakes, string, or whatever’s handy. When you can see how much space your new take will take up, it is much easier to decide if you need to adjust your design.


Get inspired.

Speaking of design, don’t hold back! Think of your deck as a room in your house that just so happens to be outside. It needs to be functional, yes, but it should also fit your style and look good on your house. These are some of the trends in deck design we’ve seen this year:


  • Multi-level decks
  • Cool colors—greys are especially popular in this part of the country
  • Contrasting colors—different colors for the decking and railings
  • Low-maintenance composite materials


It’s all in the timing.

Experienced pros like our Pro Plus team can usually get a deck installation done in about a week. But even the most seasoned professionals can’t control the weather. Expect about a week of work, but be prepared for a little longer, just in case. Because the work takes place outdoors, it won’t disrupt your indoor daily activities, but there will be workers on your property for the duration of the deck installation.


deck installation


Deck Installation by Pro Plus Services

If you’re ready for your dream outdoor living space, Pro Plus Services is ready to build it. Contact us through our website or call us at (888) 374-7469 for more information on deck installation and all our services.