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3 Ways to Update Your Restaurant

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If you own a restaurant, you know that the atmosphere is just as important as the food. Your customers want to have a place where they can enjoy themselves while they enjoy their meal. If your restaurant is a little outdated or just succumbing to age, it’s time to call a commercial contractor in MA to give it an update. At Pro Plus Services, we can upgrade a few items or do a complete overhaul of your kitchen and dining area.

Here are three ways a commercial contractor in MA can upgrade your restaurant to give your customers a better dining experience.


Rethink Your Layout

Before you start, think about the layout of your restaurant. Do your customers complain that there’s one table that’s freezing because it’s on top of an AC vent? Or maybe there’s an area where the tables are so close together your servers find it difficult to navigate. Do you have enough space to accommodate large parties? Look at the way your restaurant layout is now and think about how you could improve it. Consider adding in more bar seating or booths to open up the floor space and leave more room between tables.


Change Your Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important things that contributes to your restaurant’s ambiance. You don’t want it to be so dim that your customers can’t see what they’re eating. But you also don’t want it to be so bright that the lighting is oppressive. That is a concern you especially have to watch out for with fluorescent and LED lighting. Restaurant lighting should be done in layers. You need ambient lighting to illuminate the restaurant and task lighting for each table. Recessed lighting is the best way to get enough ambient lighting without interfering with your restaurant’s design. Task lighting gives you the opportunity to pick lighting fixtures that go with your restaurant’s style.


Upgrade Your Bathrooms

Nearly all of your customers are going to use your bathroom, so you can’t neglect it. Even if you have a beautiful dining room, a bad bathroom will make a poor impression on your customers. Whether the lighting is bad, the fixtures and plumbing are outdated, or the whole thing is just a bit dingy and run-down, renovating your bathrooms will make a great impression on your customers. No one wants to walk into a gross restaurant bathroom and then come out again and continue eating.


Upgrade Your Restaurant with a Commercial Contractor in MA

Whether you need to replace a floor, add new lighting, give your bathrooms a facelift, or rehaul the whole place, Pro Plus Services can make your restaurant look new and beautiful again. Bring in new customers and wow your regulars with the changes made by a commercial contractor in MA. Our team is ready to meet your needs, big or small.


Contact Pro Plus Services today to learn more about our services and how a commercial contractor in MA can help your restaurant.