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Be Ready for Summer with Spring Deck Installation

deck installation

Look at your house. What is it missing? If the answer is a place to relax outside, you need a deck. What if you already have a deck? Then you need a bigger deck. Or a differently-shaped deck that is a little more functional. If you’re planning a deck installation this year, there’s no time to wait! Now that spring is rapidly approaching, contractors are getting ready to start on all those outdoor building projects.


Here’s why now is the time to get started on your deck installation.



Mid- to late spring, summer, and early fall are prime deck-building times, and contractors’ schedules fill up quickly. If you want to get on your preferred contractor’s calendar, you need to get in touch with them now. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to get bumped to next year.

You also need to think about how long it will take to get any permits you need. Depending on your town or neighborhood, getting the necessary permits could take some time. If you need to finance your new deck, starting as soon as possible gives you plenty of time to get that in place, so you’re ready when it’s your turn on the schedule.



Any contractor will tell you that acquiring materials is a real challenge. And as building season gets into full swing, the demand for materials goes way up. By starting earlier in the year, you can get ahead of the demand and ensure that the necessary materials are available.



Building anything is weather dependent, so starting early ensures that your project will get finished sooner, regardless of weather delays. Extreme heat is less of a concern in the Massachusetts area, but there are some days during the summer when it is too hot to work, especially in the middle of the day. On the other hand, later in the fall, it can get too cold.


deck installation

Deck Installation by Pro Plus Services

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