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Residential Brick Walkways For the Win

Spring has arrived in New England, which means it’s time to head outdoors. However, for some homeowners, the thought of the outdoors sends chills down their spine. Perhaps it’s the often tedious task of lawn cleanup or unsightly exterior paint that is way overdue. Perhaps, your resistance comes from the desperate need of an update. Whatever it is, outdoor Massachusetts remodeling with Pro Plus Service is here to save the day!

As expert handyman, there is no job too bireg or too small for our team. And when it comes to the outdoors – giving the front of your home a facelift with a new brick walkway is always a win.


Brick walkways are a classic choice for every home.

Brick is a timeless option for material choice when it comes to landscape remodeling. Radiating class, durability, and fitting seamlessly into any décor, brick walkways and patios provide homeowners many unique opportunities. These opportunities arise with the several techniques available with bricklaying. From basketweave to herringbone, running bond to a combination style, the possibilities are endless.


The pros.

Anytime you undertake a project, weighing the pros and cons is a must. So, we’re keeping life easy by doing the legwork for you! Below you’ll find a simplified list of all you should know before committing to a new brick walkway.


  • Adds value to the home. This is especially important for potential sellers in today’s market.
  • Easy repairs. Unlike other materials, a broken brick is generally replaced without disrupting the entire surface.
  • Yes, brick is recyclable in many regions!
  • Various design options.
  • Superior durability. This is another important aspect with the varying New England weather.
  • Sometimes laborious installation. But don’t worry, that is why you have the team from Pro Plus!
  • Brick requires very little maintenance.



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Start the outdoor season off on the right foot with Massachusetts remodeling services from Pro Plus Services. Whether your landscape requires a brick walkway or patio, our team is here to help! Contact Pro Plus today to schedule your consultation with one of our experts (888) 374-7469.