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Contractor MA: Tips to Save Energy

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Energy costs are going up for everyone. Business owners and homeowners alike are looking for anything they can do to save electricity. The good news is that there are some simple steps you can take to reduce your energy usage. It might not bring you down to what you had to pay this time last year, but it will make your electricity bill a little less painful to look at. At Pro Plus Services, our team’s expertise spans many fields. As a contractor in MA, we’ve learned a thing or two about saving electricity over the years.

The MA contractors at Pro Plus Services have some tips on saving energy this fall and winter.


Unplug your chargers.

Have you heard the phrase “phantom energy”? It’s also sometimes called “vampire energy.” With names like those, you might think it’s made up, but it’s actually a real thing. These slightly dramatic names refer to devices that draw power even when you’re not using them. The most common culprits are phone chargers, but streaming devices, monitors, and anything with a standby mode also draw phantom power.


Turn off your lights.

Many homes and most businesses have switched to energy-efficient bulbs like LEDs, but you should still turn off the lights when you leave a room. In your office, you can install motion sensors in areas that people aren’t in all the time, like bathrooms or storage areas.


Get smart thermostats.

Now that the weather is about to get cooler, heating homes and business is a concern once again. It might not be possible to set a temperature that will make everybody happy, but you at least know that you shouldn’t heat a room or building that no one is in. Rather than try to remember to turn the heat down at night, program your thermostat. You can get a smart thermostat that will learn your habits and automatically adjust the heat for you. If you don’t want to install new thermostats, most basic models are still programmable.


MA Contractor: Pro Plus Services

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, saving money is important. By saving energy this fall and winter, you’ll be cutting down on your electricity bills. If your business needs an upgrade to become more energy efficient, then you need contractors in MA from Pro Plus Services.

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