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Considering Deck Installation? Here Is Everything You Need to Know

The warmer seasons are upon us here in New England, which means people are heading outdoors. With that, your outdoor living space becomes more important than any other time of the year. However, for many, there is much to be desired. Sound familiar? If so, it may be time to give our team at Pro Plus Services a call to discuss deck installation, repair, or maintenance needs!

As one of the best ways to expand the living space of your home, decks provide years of enjoyment when constructed and maintained. Yes, we said maintenance. Unbeknownst to many homeowners, your deck requires a little TLC to get the longest life. However, maintenance means more than the occasional coat of stain. Here, our experts provide a few dos and don’ts concerning your deck.



Annual spring cleaning

Like other elements of your home, your deck should also make the honey-do list come spring. While power or pressure washers are the quickest way to accomplish the task, you must be careful not to strip the wood too deep. Instead, consider using a gentle scrub brush to remove any mold or mildew, chipped stain, and splintered wood.  Often, your everyday garden hose with a strong stream proves sufficient enough to get the job done.



Be sure to use a deck-appropriate cleaning solution.

All too often, our experts are called in to remedy a situation gone wrong. For example, cleaning your wood deck with chlorine bleach may seem a good idea, but we promise that it’s not. Bleach will not only strip the natural color but also damage the integrity of the wood. Furthermore, should spray reach any shrubbery or gardens surrounding the deck, you can be confident they will be destroyed.



Time to stain

Now that your deck is clean and prepared, it’s time to add the finishing touches. Whether you opt for paint or stain next, the final step is always sealing.

When choosing your finish, be sure the formula is waterproof or water repellent, offers UV protection, and contains a mildewcide to prevent mildew growth. After application and when the deck is completely dry, it’s time to seal. With several methods of application, how much sealant is required varies between every job.


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At Pro Plus Services, we take the guesswork out of caring for your deck. This season, consider giving our experts a call for all of your outdoor living needs. From deck installation to repairs, our experts will quickly and efficiently bring your family back outside safely and in-style!


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