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Your House Needs the Best Massachusetts Handyman. Here’s Why.

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As the number one handyman in Massachusetts, we know how to upgrade homes here at Pro Plus Services. And, with the fall season upon us, there is no time like the present to start tackling those long thought of projects. Upgrading certain areas of your home, like your basement and kitchen, provide several beneficial features.

Here, our experts provide three reasons to consider refinishing your home this fall or winter.


More usable living space.

One of the most apparent reasons to refinish areas, such as your basement, is to increase the usable square footage within your home. Whether you are a large family looking for a game or movie room or a single homeowner dreaming of an upscale entertaining area, more space means more possibilities. When remodeling a kitchen, the same result is also possible depending on how large of a project you are willing to tackle. Reworking an original layout, especially in older homes, often creates a more open concept area that provides space you never knew you had!


Save on heating and cooling expenses.

While having the wow factor is always a plus, saving money is too. What many homeowners don’t consider with their unfinished basement is the increased expense of heating and cooling that comes with it. Sure, your basement is insulated, but with the addition of a ceiling, flooring underlayment and floor, it’s not even more so. Thus, the chances of your indoor air escaping are minimized.


Increase your property value.

Whether you plan on listing your home for sale in the immediate future or not, increasing the value of your property is always a good idea. Whether residential or commercial, your home or building is an investment. With the help of the number one handyman in Massachusetts, you can make the enhancements that matter.


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Give Pro Plus Services a call for more information on house remodeling, the options, and the surprising affordability of such a project. As the most recommended Massachusetts handyman, our team of professionals will assist you every step of the way. From designing the perfect layout, choosing the best flooring and wall color, and so on, we’re here to make your cold-weather season one to enjoy!


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