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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Hotel?

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Hotel owners know how often their properties need maintenance. They also know how quickly a hotel room can become dated, even if it was only renovated a few years before. It’s a near-constant undertaking to keep your hotel up-to-date and in good repair. It’s also important to keep your hotel clean and looking like a welcoming and comfortable place where travelers will want to stay. As a commercial carpenter in MA, Pro Plus Services does work for hotels and other businesses in the hospitality industry to keep them well-maintained and appealing to guests. 

Here are three areas you should focus on when it’s time for major upgrades to your hotel.


Lobby and Public Spaces

While it’s of course important to keep the rooms looking clean and fresh, the public spaces are equally important. The lobby gives your guests their first impression of your hotel. Your rooms may be beautiful, comfortable, and cheerily lit, but if your lobby looks dingy or dim, your guests might not stick around long enough to see how great the rooms are. The same goes for the hallways. Threadbare carpets and flickering lights don’t inspire confidence that this is a place they want to sleep.


Plumbing and Electrical Systems

Keeping up with the plumbing and electrical systems is much more than fixing drippy faucets and changing light bulbs. You need to ensure that the pipes are not corroded or leaking and that the water they deliver is clean and safe. Hotel guests also expect sufficient water pressure to be able to wash off the grime of travel. When it comes to your electrical systems, you need reliable and comfortable lighting. Energy-efficient bulbs are available in warm colors now that are much better than harsh fluorescents. Additionally, your outlets need to provide enough power to charge all your guests’ devices.


Façade and Signage

Renovations often concern the interior of the hotel, but you shouldn’t neglect the outside. The façade of your hotel is exposed to elements, so it could use a facelift after a few years. And what about your signage? Have the colors faded so that it no longer catches travelers’ attention from the road? If you have the resources, refreshing your branding so that it looks more modern is a good idea, too.


Pro Plus Services: Commercial Carpenter in MA

Whether your hotel needs a complete renovation or just some cosmetic help, a commercial carpenter in MA can give you a new look. Bring in your guests and make them want to come back again and again with hotel upgrades by Pro Plus Services.


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