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Tired of Leaky Pipes? It’s Time To Call Your Favorite Massachusetts Plumber.

It’s inevitable with age. So, when the time finally arrives that you discover a leaky pipe or two, calling your favorite plumber in Massachusetts is always the safest bet. At Pro Plus Services, our team has the experience and expertise to diagnose and resolve your plumbing concerns with ease. However, as the most trusted MA handyman, our team can also appreciate a little DIY.

While you may consider duct tape as the cheaper solution, we promise this route is an unreliable band-aid. With a little know-how and the right equipment, your professional will have a solution that provides years of security. However, if you’re feeling like a little DIY could do the trick, here are a few tips for a temporary fix.


Finding the source of the leak.


As with any problem, before one begins, you must first identify the cause. With plumbing leaks, the most common ailment is time. Over the years, pipes (especially metal ones) will corrode, making replacing them an inevitable task. However, sometimes the culprit is the all too familiar clog. Whether it’s a grease buildup in the kitchen sink or a mound of hair in the tub drain, clogs of any kind will cause havoc.

Once you determine the cause of the leak, it’s time to get to work.


we fix leaky pipes
Water leaking from old rusty water supply pipe in water treatment plant



Rolling up the sleeves.


If you believe the issue lies with a clog, try commercialized solvents or snaking the pipe. If these methods don’t work, it may be time to give Pro Plus Services a call.

However, if you are having a go at pipe replacement, do everyone a favor and start by turning off the water valve. Once off, drain any remaining water from the pipes. Be sure to have a decent sized bucket and a few towels handy! Next, you can begin locating the exact location of the leak. Once discovered, seal the crack with epoxy putty – a waterproof material that bonds to the metal. When the putty is completely dry, turn your water back on and test out your work. If executed properly, the water should flow without leaking. It’s imperative to recognize that this is a temporary fix that will only last for a short amount of time.

Another temporary solution involves purchasing a specialized pipe repair kit. These kits contain fiberglass tape that provides an instant and easy solution for leaks. Again, this is meant to be temporary. Fiberglass tape should be used for emergencies, and only until your professional Massachusetts plumber can assess the situation.


we repair damage from leaking pipes



While we applaud DIY efforts, sometimes situations call for the experts. And, when it comes to leaky pipes, your Massachusetts plumber is always the best bet. With inexperience, temporary fixes can quickly turn disastrous, leaving homeowners with severe water damage and costly repairs. It’s not worth the chance.


If you have leaky pipes, give Pro Plus Services a call. Our experts will provide permanent solutions that bring peace of mind! Call us today at 888.374.7469.