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MA Handyman Talks 4 Tips to Get Your Patio Ready for Fall

As the fall temperatures start to roll in, now marks the perfect time to start preparing your outdoor spaces for the colder months ahead. Transitioning your patio from summer to fall weather requires some careful consideration and simple maintenance. That’s why your local MA handyman from Pro Plus Services is here with some reminders on some of the most important things to get done before the season ahead!

Clean and Store Outdoor Weather

The first step in preparing your patio for the upcoming season is to clean and store your outdoor furniture properly. Give each piece a thorough cleaning, removing dirt, debris, and stains. Once the furniture is clean, allow everything to fully dry before storing. For extra precaution, store cushions, pillows, and other delicate items in airtight containers or indoors to prevent mildew and damage. Finally, cover your furniture with high-quality, weather-resistant covers or move them to the shed or garage. 

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Protect Your Patio Surface

Fall and winter weather can be unpredictable, so it’s crucial to shield your patio surface from the elements. If your patio has pavers, give them a good sweep to remove any debris that may cause staining or other damage. For stone or concrete patios, consider applying a protective sealant to guard against potential water or frost damage. Additionally, use furniture glides or rubber mats to prevent scratching or moisture retention beneath heavy items. 

Illuminate and Accessorize

Lastly, enhance the ambiance of your patio during the colder seasons with your favorite lighting and cozy accessories. As daylight hours become shorter, ensure your patio remains well-lit by incorporating warm outdoor lighting, such as string lights or lanterns, to create an inviting atmosphere. 

You can even embrace the chilly weather by adding comfy touches like outdoor rugs, warm blankets, and comfortable outdoor seating with weather-resistant upholstery. We recommend going the extra mile and considering adding a fire pit, patio heater, or outdoor fireplace to provide extra warmth while entertaining during cooler evenings.


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