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Remodeling MA: 3 Ideas to Finish Your Basement

remodeling ma

Remodeling in MA takes many forms for our team at Pro Plus Services, and an oft-overlook renovation is finishing your basement. Most homes in MA have a basement, and it is a shame to waste that space when you could transform it into a room that is fun or functional—or both! We had some very hot days this summer, and the cool of a basement can be a welcome relief. But if your basement isn’t a nice place, you’re just hanging out in a dark room underground.

Here are three ideas to finish your basement when you’re ready for remodeling in MA.


Get as much light as you can.

One of the challenges with basements is that it is hard to get natural light down there. Some basements do have a door or wall that opens out onto your property. In that case, a glass door or slider is a great way to get natural light into your basement. If you only have small windows near the ceiling, strategically placed mirrors will reflect the light and brighten up the basement. Lots of recessed lighting with natural-colored bulbs will also augment what little light you have in your basement.


Make it multifunctional.

Your basement often is the size of the footprint of your house, so you have a lot of space to work with if you use it wisely. You want to separate the utility area of your basement from the living area or office space you are transforming the basement into. Make the dividers that hide your water heater, furnace, or washer and dryer useful. You could build a bookcase or game shelf into that wall that conceals the utility area.

If your basement is big enough, you can also design it so that it is more than one kind of room. Make one side an entertainment and hangout space, while the other side can be a home office or craft and project area. Don’t waste any space and make your basement a room your whole family can use.


Use what’s already there.

You might think of your basement as dark and dingy, but its design potential might surprise you. If your basement has exposed wood beams, they can add warmth to the space once it’s lit properly. In older homes, exposed brick walls add a stylish element to your basement remodel.


Remodeling in MA by Pro Plus Services

If you’re thinking ahead to next summer and you’d like a welcoming space to escape the heat, basement remodeling in MA from Pro Plus Services is just what you need! Our team will help you plan and design your new finished basement. Once our work is complete, it will be your family’s favorite room in the house to hang out.


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