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Your Favorite Massachusetts Handyman is Talking Barn Doors

No, not the barn doors that are outside on the animal barn. We’re talking about the highly desirable interior sliding barn door. As the number one handyman in Massachusetts, our team at Pro Plus Services is called in for several different projects. However, one of the biggest upticks as of late is the replacement of traditional doors with sliding barn doors. Stylish, functional, and filled with customization options, what’s not to love about this trend?

That said, when deciding to install a sliding door(s) in your home, there are several considerations to be had. In this article, we’re coving a few of those considerations.



Where will you put it?



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One of the first considerations at hand is determining where you will install your new sliding door. While you may envision this type of door in nearly every room of your home, the reality is, it may not fit. Not only does this door require a good amount of space, but you also need to consider the hardware and heaviness.

If you plan on choosing a stock door, be sure to select one that blocks light from both sides and the top of the entryway. For larger openings, two doors may be the better solution. That said, your Massachusetts handyman should be able to custom create the perfect barn door to ensure a seamless fit.



What type of track should you use?



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A barn door is a decorative feature in and of itself. However, the track you choose to hang it upon is equally important. If you stick to the standard thickness of an interior door (1 3/8 inches), using standard tracks will be sufficient. However, if customizing your door, you will want to be mindful of the thickness to ensure it fits the track.

Beyond the size and dimensions of the track, selecting a style is another consideration. From stainless steel to matte black, the options are endless. Be sure to consider the overall aesthetic of your home and room when selecting this element, as it will have a prominent presence in any room.



Choosing the right finish.



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Like any wooden piece in your home, choosing the right finish plays a significant role in the result. For a modern look, perhaps a painted white or gray door is the best option. If your home is more traditional or country-style, you may want to consider exploring different shades of stains.


If you’ve been looking for a stylish upgrade, barn doors are where it’s at! For information, contact the number one handyman in Massachusetts, Pro Plus Services. With decades of expertise and proven success, our craftsmanship and dedication ensure the ultimate results.



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