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4 Home Repair Projects to Tackle in Winter

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Major home repair and renovation projects are usually done in the late spring, summer, and early fall to take advantage of the warmer weather. But contractors don’t take the winter off, and there are plenty of projects that you can tackle in the winter, despite the snow and the cold. At Pro Plus Services, we offer a range of residential and commercial services that we provide to our customers throughout the year.

Here are four home repair projects that you can take on no matter the weather.


Improve Your Insulation

Insulation is what keeps all the heat from escaping your house in the winter. If there are drafty areas of your home, they will be most noticeable in the wintertime. In most cases, there’s no reason not to improve your insulation now, rather than waiting for a warmer season. In fact, fixing your insulation problem will lower your heating bill for the rest of the winter.


Finish Your Basement

If your basement is currently wasted square footage, our team can turn it into your family’s favorite hangout space. Having a finished basement is like having a second living room, which is especially nice to have when everyone is looking for somewhere to hang out indoors. Plus, you’ll be happy you have it come summer when cool places are hard to find.


Replace Your Kitchen Counters

You may want to wait until after the holidays for this one, but installing new countertops is a great way to revamp your kitchen without doing a full remodel. The actual work time that it takes to replace your kitchen counters is also relatively short. So you won’t have people coming in and out, letting the cold air in, for days on end.


Upgrade Your Lighting Fixtures

We don’t realize how important lighting fixtures are to a room until we change them. If there’s a room in your house that feels dingy, but you can’t put your finger on why, it could be the lighting fixtures. It is especially important to have the right lighting fixtures in rooms that are primarily lit by overhead lighting.


Let Pro Plus Services Help with Your Home Repair

There are plenty of home repair projects that you can DIY, but when you need to call in the pros, you need Pro Plus Services. Contact us at (888) 374-7469 for an estimate.